SKY72 golf & resort

Practice Facility

  • Platforms

    Distance: 400 yards

    The entire fairway is covered with natural grass, just like real golf courses. So, golfers can accurately measure the distance, including the ball, run, from 300 platforms. The VIP platforms are in a single floor, and every platform is identical.

  • Lightings

    You can practice at night thanks to the lighting system. Swing as much as you want in the beautiful night scenery.
  • Iron mat

    Other driving ranges in Korea : ordinary cap + sponge (hard) 25mm
    Dream Golf Range : straight cap + sponge (soft) 25mm + sponge 70mm)
    In order to prevent injury, the highest quality iron mat is laid.
  • State fo the art auto tee-up equipment

    In order to allow customers to focus only on their swings, the state-of-the-art tee-up ball suppliers are installed on all 300 platforms.
  • Platform divider

    For customers’ safety, a large platform divider is installed. (width: 4.15M length: 0.8M)
  • Lightings on platforms

    You can practice at night thanks to the lighting system.
  • Rest area

    As the area is air-conditioned, you can rest during summer and winter. Also, various golf books and newspapers are stocked.
  • Club washer

    You may sweat while playing golf. Therefore, washer with which you can wash your clubs and spring water are available in each platform.
  • Golf lockers

    There are about 1,000 lockers near platforms so that you can use the range without having to carry your golf bag.