SKY72 golf & resort



What is the reservation procedure?
Please refer to [Booking > Golf Course Booking] for information.
Can I transfer the reservation made under my name to someone else if I am not able to go?
The member who has made the reservation needs to be present and it is not possible to transfer the reservation to someone else.
When is the regular closing day?
Closing day is different for each course. Updated dates will be posted on our website.

Golf Course

The 72 holes are divided into two different courses, 18H and 54H. Are there two seperate Club Houses for each?
Yes. There are two separate Club Houses in the Hanul Course(18 holes. Hanul Clubhouse), and Bada Course(54 holes: Ocean 18H, Lake 18H, Classic 18H. Bada Clubhouse).

Dream Golf Range

The Dream Golf Range is designed in a round shape. Are there dangers of being hit by a slice or a hook of the neighboring players?
The Dream Golf Range is a round, however, 400 yards in diameter, therefore there is no danger in being hit by a golf ball.

Charges and fees

What are the rates for green fee, caddie and carts?
Please refer to [SKY72 Golf Club > Rate Info] for the information.


Can I use metal spiked shoes?
To protect the grass, SKY 72 requires the use of non metal, rubber spiked golf shoes.
What kind of carts are available?
Our carts are SANYO 5 seat carts. The front seat for caddie driver, and four seats for all four players.

Homepage use

How can I update my profile and change my information?
Please login to our website After entering [My Golf], click on [Update My Profile], change your information and click on "Enter" to save your updated information. Log-in Name, Identity Number, ID may not be changed. Please keep your information(ex. phone numbers, addresses etc.) updated for reservation conveniences.
I forgot my password!
Click on "Forgot your Password?". Fill in your specifications, and you can retrieve your password.