SKY72 golf & resort


The best place in golf, the place where you want to go!

It seemed like an endless journey.
When we first stepped on the barren island called Yeongjong-do surrounded by sands, we felt very lost.
However, days passed by quickly as lawns started to grow and green islands started to take shape. Today, four courses, which are Rockhill (18H), Lake (18H), Links (18H), and Ocean (18H) open. Finally, SKY 72 - located near Incheon International Airport, fast becoming a hub airport in Northeast Asia - started its history as the largest golf course in the Northeast Asia.

The airport is always dynamic and progressive. The airport provides excitement to those who head for unknown places and comfort to those who return home. SKY 72 will see off these travelers and greet those who come home before anybody else. Golf courses (72 holes, 1.21 million pyeong) of unimaginable size and the 400-yard circular driving range that boasts of the longest length in the world equipped with 300 plates can be seen with naked eyes when airplanes take off or land, piquing the curiosity of those who visit Korea.

SKY 72, as the front garden of Incheon Airport, will become a welcoming garden to those who visit Korea and a relaxation zone to those who leave the country. We will do our best to keep SKY 72 beautiful so that those who see Korea from the air have a great image of Korea. Also, SKY 72 will present a different paradigm in golf course.
We will impress our customers by providing every kind of service, making sure that golfers from all around the world will have a great time at our golf course, as our slogan "Discover Fun in Golf" implies.

"The best place in golf, the place where you want to go!"
We will provide the highest level of service to stand out among golf courses in the world.

- Everyone from Sky 72 -